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Download Flight Simulator X SP2 English from Official Microsoft Download Center.

Download Flight Simulator X SP2 English from Official Microsoft Download Center.

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– Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition on Steam

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Get it Fri, Aug 12 – Wed, Aug /18131.txt Test your skill. Port cities have graveyards of sunken features. Review Filters. I am a pilot and I know how to fly a Cessna


– Flight simulator windows 10


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Flight simulator windows 10


You have to download and install Xbox for PC. Launch the application. Login with your account. Search for the Flight simulator. It will show you own it. It’s here you download and install. It looks beautiful, but getting started is really hard. First I shopped to buy hardware that exceeded all of the requirement for the software. The first message I get says my hardware does not meet the specs and some things may not work. Are you kidding me? Then I stumble around trying to figure out where to start.

I finally go look on the Internet and find some help. My Logitec yoke and throttle quadrant do not work But that does not see to work if I am inside of learn to fly tools. I am a pilot and I know how to fly a Cessna At last, things are working. I am starting to see the potential, but this is a horrible way to start.

I would never never suggest this to anyone. I cannot send this back to Amazon even thou it does not work Fifty Dollars down the drain. No the computer is not old. XBOX please fix this game soonest!!! Plane just turns right or left by itself and goes “wild. Overall I cannot recommend the Xbox version until is has been fully fixed. The program is stupendous and highly recommended. Using it on Xbox has its drawbacks, in that you have fewer control options with the hand controller.

A PC would pbly be a better way to go. I bought this game for my grandson for Christmas!!! When he tried to redeem code, it stated that code was already redeemed. WE didn’t redeem it. So I tried to get a new code from Microsoft and got no where.

I called Amazon customer service and was told this is a Microsoft issue. So what am I suppose to do now??!!!! See all reviews. If your download does not start after 30 seconds, click here to download manually. Installation note: In the following Install Instructions, please start at the step after the mention of clicking the Download button. Right now, I can fly my Caravan over NYC and marvel, but I cannot rely on the plane to perform a full flight plan with ILS or RNAV landing procedures, because the systems required for that are not included with the stock aircraft, mainly.

And that’s my honest assessment. First of all I’m a computer programmer, even one that has contributed to MS Flight Sim in the past with add-ons.

I fully understand the process of writing, debugging and distributing software and I and many of my colleagues all agree that Microsoft is one of the worst in this regard. While the underlying products always show some real brilliance and innovation, the team that markets and tests the products care more about profit than quality. It’s obvious this product was not ready for market yet.

I know they had a public testing program but they have to realize that the people attracted to those tests are the hard core gamers, people that have built their lives around gaming at the expense of all other parts of computing. They obviously, from the messages I’ve seen, did not get tested by regular users, folks like me that have a computer loaded down with other functionality such video editing, music creation, image manipulation.

My computer hardware exceeds the minimum requirements of Flight Sim but there are other things running at all times, a healthy anti-virus package, auto updaters, special drivers for hardware additions.

A good chunk of my 16 GB of ram is already in use and Microsoft programmers should assume that and not require of you to strip your computer down to nothing prior to running their damned simulator. You can code programs so they constantly check the resources remaining on a workstation and adjust their settings to not use it all up. It’s lazy programming to put the onus of that management on the user. I watched in Task Manager as I was loading a flight and, even before I even got to flying, nearly all my memory was gone, my processor was maxed out as was my graphics card.

Without turning settings way down I get to a point in that loading where the entire computer crashes. I have updated everything I could think of and managed to get the thing to run on medium graphics settings but had a workstation crash after an hour flight as I made a landing. This program is 60 dollars. It should be thoroughly troubleshot with common users on machines that meet their requirements but are not tricked out gaming rigs.

If I submitted code this buggy to paying customers in my profession I’d have been canned long ago. Update to this: Still upset with MS for the lack of professionalism but I have done a great amount of work on my computer to get this to run more stable.

ANY other piece of software that kicks in when you are at that limit can crash you. Part of the work I’ve done is removing old background apps that from time to time wake up and use processor. One piece of code that runs that is a processor and memory hog is an MS utility that sends user experience data to MS.

I found how to remove that functionality but it’s not easy. Also followed a suggestion that any new drives you’ve added should have their virtual memory set to be handled by Windows especially if you’ve put this sim on an SSD. A trick you can also do, if you plan on starting or going into intense graphical areas is to do a manual cache of the area first.

It preloads much of the data and makes for quicker frame rates and less chance of a computer crash. It’s worth it of course. Some places are absolutely gorgeous. A few of those gorgeous places though will have you laughing or shaking your head. Any spot that gets “autogenned” from overhead Bing maps will have stupid stuff in the water.

Bridges will appear as a submerged line barely visible along with any boats and piers that might show up. Port cities have graveyards of sunken features.

Major landmarks in cities will not be there. The Louve is there in Paris but Notre Dame isn’t. Parliament and Big Ben show up but not Buckingham Palace. I would hope that the developers have some gifts in store in patches.

They need to come very soon. As a real life pilot I’ve had flight simulators at home since the first Microsoft Flight Simulator came out back in the ‘s. I have been using Lockheed Martin’s flight simulator program for several years now, and all my peripherals work fine with that program, control column, rudder pedals, etc. I thought I would give this new Microsoft Simulator a try.

Right off from the beginning only a couple of my controls would work with it, and even with updates from different control manufactures that I use, I was not able to get them to work. Now I must say that for scenery the graphics are excellent, real life satellite earth that loads to your computer through the internet so as not to take up several hard drives if it was stored on your computer.

So I think it has the potential to be a terrific flight simulator in the future after all the bugs are removed from it. And to be fair I gave it four stars because most people with a simple joystick and rudders will enjoy this. I have a complete setup with console radios, switches, like a real plane, so that is where in some of the problems for me come from.

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